Wedding Prices

Many brides contact me asking for my wedding services and prices. This page will serve to explain all the details I share.

Don’t let just any photographer take your wedding pictures. Invite a wedding photographer to guide you through your dream wedding.

Specialized Services

Many photographers offer to shoot weddings. The issue is their skill sets vary, and weddings involve so much more than capturing pretty pictures.

Anything can happen at a wedding, not just your standard emergencies (torn dresses, decoration disasters, lost shoes… etc.) but there are lot’s of emotional situations that have to be handled delicately.

With our teams experience we are prepared for every situation. We’ll spend countless hours, months in advance, planning and preparing for your special day.

Our Goal

We want to shoot your wedding through your eyes. That means, if you could shoot pictures as beautiful as ours, we’d hope that all the pictures we take would be the same ones that you would take.

Every time you see your wedding photos, you will relive those moments exactly as they were to you. All the precious emotions will come back rushing towards you.

How do we do this? It takes time to be honest. We have meetings discussing your wedding (in person or phone calls), about what everything you put into it means to you. Why that dress? Is that his mother’s ring!? How did you two fall in love? What kind of friendship do you and the bridesmaids have?

Knowing these things, and much more, will allow our team to capture not just the important moments, but the important relationships. We’ll understand why these moments are important.


OMGGG!! Litterally teared up looking through all the pictures – You did such an amazing job! Thank you so much!


I literally love all of them! The pictures of Tyler and Jaz are so good! Those are literally the best pictures Tyler has ever taken. And the license signing ones are awesome. And the dance! And me and my dog Roscoe! Ugh! They are perfect. I’m crying!


So excited as y’all can tell we got our professional pictures back this morning! I thought I couldn’t love David more but then I saw our pictures and well he just shined and is really getting good at this!! I love pictures and I love LOVE so I’m so happy they came out perfectly!!


What’s the cost?

Our prices are simple. They start at $999 and we offer what is called ala carte. More on that here.

At this price we’re able to spend the time it takes to document your wedding as it deserves and capture the most important parts. If you need to add time to make sure to capture every moment and emotion, we can accommodate.

To find out how we can capture your story of love please contact me to schedule a meeting.

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For a day that leaves you with no time to breath, we give you pictures that take your breath away.