Shooting a wedding can get kind of crazy! Especially when you’re dealing with hundreds of guest and multiple photographers. With so much going on its absolutely vital that you, and especially your wedding photographer, go in with a plan.
In this article I’ll explain what process I go through with my couples to get me (and them) prepared for their wedding day. Keep in mind, I never leave you to fend for yourself. I’ll be there every step of the way. Not just to answer questions, but to help you walk through the process.

What’s going on here!

Obviously to start with your going to need a timeline. This lets each photographer know when and where to be, and what they are shooting. I like to show up a little early to get a walk-through on the venue and the decorations. That way I know what I’m working with when I get there. I prefer not to shoot blind.
In a time line its good to tell the photographer not just the when and where, but the why. Why is that moment special, are there any special moments we can anticipate and plan for so it can best be executed? How do you see it in your mind? With just a few brief comments it can help me and my team catch the moment as you envisioned it.

What’s your style?

We’ll also want to discuss style. Pinterest is a wonderful tool for pinning ideas. Pin just a few ideas of photos you like so I can get an idea of your style. Add a comment so I know what you like about it. I don’t typically like to shoot with a shot list because this can make things uncomfortable and rigid. That’ll show in the pictures. Instead I want to know what colors you like, what kind of poses (intimate, fun, jovial, etc), what style of editing.

Tell me about yourself!

Also I need to know a little about you guys as well. When we have our consultation meetings, tell me about yourselves. What do you do for fun, how did you meet, who are your best friends, etc.? These details just help us communicate better. Talking with a stranger is never as good as talking with friends no matter how outgoing you are. So let’s get to know each other a little before the wedding so we can work together better, and have a whole-lotta fun!


Don’t forget to give me a VIP list. This tells me who the most important people in the room are. You love all your guest I’m sure, but I’m sure the mother of the bride is a lot more important than uncle John’s, best-friend’s, plus one’s, little kid. Let me know who to focus on. Just think years from now you’ll be flipping through your wedding album and the kids will squeal, “Uncle John had hair!!!!” instead of “Who’s that?” “err umm… I think her name was Helga…”

Sum it up

So in conclusion, when you book with me, be sure to plan some time for us to discuss the wedding. But more importantly plan to spend some time talking about you guys, I mean that’s what your wedding story is about right?
If you would like to schedule a time to meet with me, to talk about your wedding, click the link and send me an email telling me a little about your most precious day!

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