Wedding packages, is simpler better?

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Wedding photography packages seem to be the norm and have always been popular. This is mostly because they are simpler and seem to be cheaper. In this article I would like to discuss why wedding packages may not be the best way to purchase wedding photography services. Of course this wont be one sided let’s first discuss why they attract so many clients and photographers. I would just like to explain why, even though many photographers have successfully used packages to please millions of couples, I don’t use packages and why I feel it’s better that way.


For starters they are simple for both the client and the photographer. As a photographer it would be a heck of a lot easier to just have clients send me the package they want and the date they want it. BOOM! Done booking. For the clients, all you have to do is review what is being offered select your needs and the booking process is over.

Also when it comes to price comparison, you can just cross reference all of your local photographers’ prices and what each package offers then you select which works for you. This is great when you’re on a really strict budget.

When you order ala carte you are required to make decisions. Wedding packages don’t require any thinking really, you just look at what is offered and go off of the photographers imagination. This may fill every need you have or it may prevent you from researching and discussing more ideas for your wedding.

So besides stifling imaginations, what are the downsides?

Purchasing things you don’t need

Think about it. What do all brides and grooms have in common when it comes to photography needs? Time, digital downloads, albums, prints that’s really the most common needs. Obviously not all couples need all of these, but the vast majority do.

Yet some packages offer extras like booths, rehearsal photos, more expensive album, etc. or things that may be added needs to some weddings, but not your own, like more shooters, added sessions, etc.

So here is the dilemma we encounter, what if I need an increase of time, but I don’t need a photo booth or a more expensive album? Why should I have to pay more for the package when I just want more time? Some photographers will allow upgrades without changing packages, but the pricing becomes a little confusing and kind of stifles the purpose of the packages.

So how else can you purchase photography services?

Enter Ala Carte

I’m not alone in purely using the ala carte method. Though every photographer has a different reason for using ala carte I’m sure, I have two main reasons for going this route.

  1. It is much easier to customize.
  2. It fully discloses my photography abilities to you
  3. It fully discloses your photography needs to me.

With ala carte you can select your time without interfering with anything else, you can choose all your added feature and think about how they will effect your wedding and your budget. And it makes your entire wedding photography experience so much more personal. You adapt everything to fit your unique wedding exactly as you would like it.

Also it fully discloses my photography abilities to you. Seriously wedding photography is not cheap. When we are purchasing something that is several thousand dollars, we don’t just read the description and click buy. We research reviews, sometimes we can test the product, and we want to see it in person. Wedding photography shouldn’t be any different, especially since it isn’t standardized. Every photographer is different, so every photographer should be vetted before you purchase from them. Just discussing a package isn’t enough. Take time to explain your dream wedding, and see how they can fulfill that.

Finally it fully discloses your wedding photography needs to me. This is important for so many reason! For my clients I don’t like to just show up and take a bunch a pretty pictures at their wedding day. I like to spend some considerable time discussing a preparing for their wedding, so that every photograph has an important story behind it. I want to capture everything that is important to them. To do that it requires dialog, discussing what you would like to purchase for your wedding helps me understand what is important and how I can fill those needs. Honestly its one of the first steps to help me capture your wedding through your eyes.

Some photographers use wedding packages, and that’s fine. But I find my photography services are much more meaningful and focused on each couple as individuals by going ala carte.

Thanks for reading.

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