The Texas Wedding of Kaitlin & Dalton

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cabin for wedding

I had the immense pleasure of documenting the wedding for Kaitlin & Dalton Ginn. These guys were amazing! We were just in Texas on the boarder of Oklahoma. They set everything up on the deck of a close friend of theirs.

Being back on a back road in the woods offered very nature driven photos, which tends to be what I like to shoot. As you’ll notice we went with a dark moody theme, which happens to be my favorite!

Actually in some of these photos there was some deer just a few yards away from us, so when I say we were in the woods I mean it!
One of the things that really stood out to me was their love for the kids Eli and Zeke! Dalton more than once would make sure I captured the little precious moments like of the kids dancing.

wedding, bride
son giving mom away at the alter

And my favorite part was that Eli escorted his mom to the alter, and along with her dad and his little brother Zeke he gave her away.
The whole wedding moved really smoothly and the pictures turned out gorgeous! Enjoy!

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