The Wedding Photos of Steffanye & Dustin

I just wanted to quickly share my time I had with Stefanye and Dustin a few weeks ago. I briefly wrote a small blog about her converse shoes this week and I felt like I should show everyone the amazing time we all had together. So many feels!!

Bride's makeup
First off let me throw a quick shout out to Kyla and her friend Melissa from Ryan Artistry for doing the makeup and hair. These two are what makes my work easy! They do such an amazing job together and I’m always happy when I hear they’ll be at any wedding I’m at!


So Steffanye wanted to have a first look with 3 people on her wedding day. Her son, her soon to be husband, and her father. It was an incredible honor to be a part of these special moments!


Bride's first look of groom
Just before that she wanted to get a quick look at her groom first!


The two of them had an exchanging of gifts. Dustin went first and the first thing he said was “Well… she won…” He loved the watch so much he put the one he was wearing away. For all those looking to add something special to their wedding day, just think about this. Dustin forever will be able to look at the watch as not only the watch she gave him on their wedding day, but also the one he wore on their wedding day. If you want something to treasure for ever, wedding day gifts are the way to go.

Dustin gave her a bracelett from Pandora. Which matched her shoes. I was a bit impressed he managed to pull that off.

The only thing that threw our plans off track was the rain. Originally this was an out door wedding but that didn’t stop these guys. We did it on the back porch of a cabin in Hochatown. Couples photo included an umbrella, which adds a romantic touch if you as me.

Seriously an amazing time with these two! I can’t tell you how privileged I was to be trusted with such an important role on their most important day together!
Thank you guys!

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