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Should I Wear Converse Shoes To My Wedding?

Short answer… YES! Long answer… Read on!

Why Should I have a Converse Wedding?

There are plenty of reasons to wear Converse to your wedding. But you should really only wear them if it’s part of your lifestyle. Converse of course are more than a shoe, they’re a movement, and a lifestyle. If you fall into that category read on and find out the benefits to wearing them on your most momentous day!


Obviously they biggest reason for wearing them is comfort. So many brides squeeze their little feet into these oddly shaped shoes to look pretty, but is that really you?

If you wear Converse you can walk easier, which makes couples photos easier, and balance much easier, which.. guess what… makes couples photos easier!


Everyone seems to do what everyone else is doing, and then on top of that they try to do it better. Why not just be you and wear what you love? If Converse is your style then they’re perfect for your wedding.

Why not have the flower girl wear them?Converse Wedding Shoes

Heck have everyone wear them! It’s your day do it your way!


I’m not here to convert anyone to wear converse to their wedding. I’m just here for all those brides wondering if they should do it. For those edging the line and wondering how it will look I say go for it! I LOVE how the photos turn out.

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