Engagement Photos with Jessica & Tyler

Had so much fun getting to know this couple. Check out how our session went.

This past week I had the wonderful pleasure to work with Jessica and Tyler for their engagement photos. Here’s a few photos documenting our experience.

Let’s start with some love!


Ok now on to the story.
When Jessica and I were discussing the shoot she was asking about outfits. I told her to bring 3 so we’d have enough to work with. (She brought 4… I love it when they’re over prepared lol). She specifically asked if she should bring OKC Thunder jerseys and I gave a definite YES!

They spent a lot of time choosing the exact jerseys for this shoot. I love these photos; it features something they both share and love and reflects their fun loving personalities. That really makes them special. Just for future reference for all the couples out there, if there’s something you and your partner share, we should definitely feature it in a session.
We finally had a seat to rest their legs. Tyler had started getting comfortable in front of the camera and was able to act like his normal self by this point. This allowed Jessica to be her crazy self as well.

The photos above have their most genuine faces! Based on the bit I’ve gotten to know them I can tell this is really how they are if I were to hang out with them on any given day… say at maybe a Thunders game! (Never gonna happen guys don’t get your hopes up)

Gosh look at that sun light! I was seriously blown away with how the sun’s colors effected their skin and hair. I can’t lie these are some of my favorite photos ever! It features the serious connection these two have for each other, not to mention a perfect angle for Jessica’s jaw line! I wanted to make some kind of Serena Williams joke here (inside joke I barely feel a part of much less understand lol) but decided against it.

This session was one for the books. We laughed unnecessarily hard, and way too much for our own good. I learned a bit about food inspections which was a big deal for me since I’m a foodie. (Iron chef comes back this month!!!!)

If you’d like to book a session like this one feel free to contact me, or for more information click here.

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