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Welcome to Freeze Studio! Home of your favorite Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer.

Every couple has a story, I want to tell yours.

I’m a Wedding photographer based out of Oklahoma but serving world wide.

Good photographers are everywhere, but wedding photographers are harder to come by. Rather than dabbling in all genres of photography my passion has lead me to focus solely on weddings. Since my expertise is weddings and engagement photography I promise you an unparalleled experience and to bring your photos to life so they can live forever as you dreamed them!

Your wedding is going to be your most treasured memory, you’re going to want it recorded in your style and to fit your personality. View my portfolio to decide what style fits you, or contact me to set up a meeting where we can discuss your preferences.

If you’re looking for couple or engagement photos, I’m your photographer! At these sessions we have a blast exploring some beautiful locations and taking photos right in nature. Take time to treasure your young love and document it to show your children one day.

“OHMYGOSH! I’m trying to pick my favorite photo! I can’t stop looking at them!” ~ Karah

“I literally love all of them! <3<3<3<3 The pictures of Tyler aand Jaz are so good! Those are literally the best pictures Tyler has ever taken. And the license signing ones are awesome. And the dance! And me and my dog Roscoe! Ugh! They are perfect. I’m crying!” ~ Jessica

“I didn’t think I could love David more but then I saw our pictures and he just shined” ~ Victoria

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Destination Wedding Photographer

Who am I? Hopefully I’m your next wedding photographer! Besides that, let me tell you a few facts about me, so we aren’t total strangers when we first meet.

I love to travel and I have lived in 4 different locations in my short adult life.

I love to laugh and make people laugh; which tends to help with getting people to smile for photos.

I have a pet bunny named Toki (Korean for rabbit). He’s moody most of the time but still is social. He doesn’t much care for our dog Atty (short for Atticus), because she’s an Australian Shepherd and is rather hyper.

And most importantly I have a team of creatives helping me on my mission to create high quality, emotional pictures. Included among them is my wonderful supportive wife Halie, who makes all of this possible!

And I also play guitar, piano, and I’m learning drums.

Of course, I love photography. After a friend introduced me to it, I fell in love with the science and art of photography taking in everything I could from books and classes online. Take a look at my portfolio, you’ll find I’m obsessed with romantic photos!

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